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Studio furnishing
A multifunctional furniture set for a studio in modern style with bright accents

•1 set
•14 items

5.543 AED
Furnishing options
Studio furnishing
5.543 AED
A multifunctional furniture set for a studio in modern style with bright accents.
2 sets
Supervisor does all the work - receives delivery, controls assembly of all the furniture and installation of all the appliances. You just should move into a ready unit.
What does a supervisor do?
Our warranty covers any defect in manufacturing or workmanship of the furniture products. We reserve the right to repair or replace defective products. Please note, you will need your original sales receipt to initiate your warranty claim.
How does the warranty work?
Yes, we install all the home appliances from our sets.
Do you install home appliances?
No, for now we don't add kitchens to our sets.
Is the kitchen included in furnishing?
Yes, tell a manager about it.
Can I add another furniture to my set?
You pay 70% in advance and the rest is paid after everything is ready.
How can I pay for my order?
Your unit will be fully ready for living in 5 days.
How fast can I get furnishing?
Make a request
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